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Upload your images, create your own collection and participate in our exhibition! - - Küldj1Képet.hu
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Upload your images, create your own collection and participate in our exhibition!

How to use the site?
Images are divided into categories to make them easier to browse. If you register (only four clicks) you can rate other images, comment or give additional information.

How to send in images?
Before uploading your digitalized photos, you need to add some data to your registration (you only need to do this once). If you are logged in, you can upload your images on the new page. 

These are the categories you can select from:
Humans and animals on the frontlineHumans and animals on the home front
War economy
Agricultural damage

Technical requirements:
- Images can be black and white or colour. If possible, send high-quality, large resolution photos.
- Minimum resolution: 1000 x 1000 pixels, smallest size: c. 1 MB
- Maximum resolution:15 MB
- File types: jpg, gif or png

You can send in as many images as you wish, but we ask you to upload several images for the same category only if each of them has a special feature. Please do not send original paper photos or negatives. If you do not have a scanner, you can ask for help in libraries, schools or at E-Hungary points. Please do not alter the image you send. Only technical changes are allowed (cutting margins, colour upgrading, contrast enhancing etc.) Do not send montages or retouched photos.

Legal notice
Those who send us images will at the same time declare ownership of copyright and assent to the museum’s right to use and publish such images for its academic and educational projects.   

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